Tokyo, see you in 2021! First you need to win the more important battle

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Comments on the postponement of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to 2021 in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

Teddy Riner, French judoka, Olympic champion: “Tokyo, see you in 2021!” First we need to win the more important battle.”

Katarina Johnson-Thompson, British all-around athlete, world champion: “I have been waiting for this for eight years, what is one more year against the background of everything happening around? As athletes, my heart bleeds, but this was done for serious reasons and for the safety of us all. Sit at home!”

Vincenzo Nibali, Italian cyclist, winner of three Grand Tours: “The IOC made the right decision. The world must deal with this threat, the sport will wait. The Tokyo Olympics was for me the most important goal of the season, but its transfer will not change anything in my intentions: I will work hard to prepare for 2021.”

Elia Viviani, Italian cyclist, Olympic champion in the omnium: “This decision seems to me the most correct. Now we are all confronted with a serious problem, and although it is still far from August, it would be very difficult to ensure security at such a large-scale event. See you in 2021!”

Mads Pedersen, Danish cyclist, world champion: “We saw that in sports, health comes first. I fully support the IOC move. For all athletes who were building their season in preparation for the Olympics, this is sad news, but it’s good that the organizers made a decision now, and not at the last moment.”

Maximilian Schachmann, German cyclist: “The IOC has shown a responsible approach, made the right decision and removed the burden from the shoulders of athletes.”

Federica Pellegrini, an Italian swimmer who was about to perform at the Olympics for the fifth time: “I don’t want to believe it, it looks like a joke, a blow of fate … I can’t stop swimming, we will prepare as well as possible. Now I’ll have to rebuild all the plans, I hope that my body will survive another year.”

Katie Ledecky, American swimmer, winner of five Olympic gold medals: “We must overcome all trials together. Now we can only dream of wonderful Games in a beautiful country and support those that work, protecting our health and saving the sick. ”

Sarah Sjöström, Swedish swimmer, Olympic champion: “This was not a surprise to us, we have been preparing for such a development for several weeks. The news is sad, I had a feeling that I was able to get in good shape, but now the most important thing is that everyone remains healthy. “Some athletes planned to end their careers after Tokyo, but I’m sure they will wait another year.”

Robert Harting, German discus thrower, Olympic champion: “If the IOC was guided by any other considerations besides the health of the whole world, this would be a crime, because the UN considers the right to health to be one of the human rights. The fact that the virus led to the transfer of the Olympics is incredible.”

Frederick, Crown Prince of Denmark, member of the IOC: “The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have made a difficult historical decision. This is an incredibly sad day for athletes and sports of the highest achievements, which was preparing for the most important event. However, the world found itself in an incredible situation that no one could have thought of a month ago. It has now become clear that it is impossible to host the Games this summer.”

Dmitry Ovcharov, German table tennis player, Olympic medalist: “Now we have learned that German table tennis centers will be closed until further notice. In Asia, athletes continue to train, therefore, if we talk about equal chances, and first of all about aspects related to health, we can say that the Japanese and the IOC made the right decision. The year 2021 will be very important: the personal and, possibly, team world championship, the Olympics will be held.”

Beatrice Vio, Italian fencer, Paralympic champion: “We have been dreaming about the Olympics for so long, and then everything has been reset to zero. Of course, I’m very sad, but the decision is right. Do not complain that we are wasting time, and forget who in the coming days will fight, trying to prevent much more serious losses.”

International Association of Athletics Federations: “This is what athletes want. We believe that the IOC’s decision will bring them, technical staff and volunteers peace of mind in this unprecedented and alarming period.”

Jack Buckner, head of the British Swimming Association: “If our athletes continued to prepare for the most important sporting event of the four years, they would risk their health and the health of others. Everyone will probably agree that it would be both dangerous and selfish.”

Eliud Kipchoge, Kenyan athlete, Olympic champion in the marathon: “This is a very reasonable decision in the context of the situation. I can’t wait to get back to Japan. Next year I want to witness a wonderful event and defend my league title. Health to all in these difficult times!”

Tom Daley, British water jumper, three-time world champion: “You need to sacrifice your dreams and, for the safety of mankind, wait another year. Yes, I’ll be a year older, it will probably affect my body, but I promise to work to the point of exhaustion so that the British team can suit me.”

Javier Sotomayor, high jumper, current world record holder: “From a humanitarian point of view, this is the best possible and responsible decision. Athletes who were under stress could not concentrate on training. Many will have to say goodbye to their dreams, because the Olympic medal is the main goal for all athletes, but life is more important, it needs to be protected.”


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