Today, the Earth’s magnetosphere over the Western Hemisphere has briefly switched off completely

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(ORDO NEWS) — The data from the satellite on which the equipment measuring the strength of the earth’s magnetosphere is installed shows that this morning the strength of the earth’s magnetic field has briefly zeroed out.

Magnetometer (MAG) / (magnetometer) – measures the magnetic field in the outer part of the magnetosphere

GOES-R (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) is a GOES satellite designed for atmospheric and surface measurements of the Earth in the Western Hemisphere for weather forecasting, storm tracking, space weather monitoring and for meteorological research.


The Western Hemisphere is the hemisphere of the Earth located west of the Greenwich meridian and east of the 180th meridian. The meridians of the Western Hemisphere are designated by the meridians of the west longitude. The Western Hemisphere includes parts of Europe located west of London, some parts of Africa, Antarctica, the Atlantic Ocean, America, part of the Chukchi Peninsula in Asia and most of the Pacific Ocean.

The fall of a mile of a magnetic field, even a short one, is an anomaly that cannot pass without a trace and one should expect that this anomaly may be followed by the activation of volcanoes or a powerful earthquake.


It happened again, twice more.


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