To cope with global warming, scientists proposed to cover the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are constantly looking for ways to cope with global warming, and one of the most ambitious projects is the construction of an “umbrella” that will cover our planet from the Sun.

The idea seems unattainable, but Luxembourg scientists argue that it can be made easier if you build not one “umbrella”, but several small ones.

The project to build a space “umbrella” that would darken our planet and slow down global warming is already at the development stage throwing an unprecedented challenge to the earth’s economy.

So, in order to build a structure weighing at least 550 thousand tons (for comparison: the weight of the ISS, the largest of the comic objects built by man, is a little more than 400 tons), it will be necessary to make at least 400 rocket launches annually within ten years.

Moreover, in 2022, all countries produced less than two hundred of them.

However, the construction can be facilitated if the original idea of ​​​​a solid, monolithic “umbrella” is abandoned, and instead a whole swarm of smaller “umbrellas” is launched.

In addition, since the main limitation of the construction is the mass of building materials (alas, at the current level of development of space technology, the payload of spacecraft is only a few tons), scientists from the University of Luxembourg proposed using an ultra-light material consisting of a thin film and silicon dioxide nanotubes.

Such a design will be transparent, but the light, falling on it, will be refracted and go to the side, not reaching the Earth. Scientists propose to place a swarm of transparent “umbrellas” at the Lagrange point L1: in this case, it will maintain a stable position.

The researchers calculate that to return the Earth’s temperature to pre-industrial levels, it will take only two to four percent of sunlight to be scattered, and it will take up to 15 years to achieve the required level of technology.

While the solar “umbrella” may indeed reverse global warming, there are strong arguments against such megaprojects that could affect the entire planet.

Firstly, it is impossible to calculate everything, any modeling is imperfect: the slightest miscalculation or an unaccounted parameter – and instead of saving the planet from overheating, we will get a global drought.

Secondly, the main cause of global warming is not at all increased solar radiation, and humanity needs to find a way to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption: that is, to look not for a crutch, but for a cure for the disease.

To cope with global warming scientists proposed to cover the Sun 2
Volcanic eruptions can also block sunlight, causing “years without summer”, but this is only a temporary remedy

There are also many questions about the environmental consequences of the dimming of the Sun. Even if the “umbrella” stops global warming, will the world’s population be on the verge of a new food disaster when the amount of heat and light available to plants is reduced?

All these issues must be resolved before proceeding with the construction, because the future of the planet is at stake.


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