Tiny human remains found in Antarctica, 600 million years old

(ORDO NEWS) — In the area of ​​the Whitmore Ridge, which is located in Antarctica, the remains of small skeletons have been discovered. They were discovered by accident. Experts were just looking for evidence that there were once dinosaurs on the continent.

Dr. Marley said that they were shocked by the find and especially its age, which reached approximately 600 million years. He added that then the first jellyfish had just begun to appear and there were no people on our planet yet.

Tiny human remains found in Antarctica 600 million years old

The first skeleton was found in a huge piece of sedimentary rock, broken from the side of a mountain.

An interesting point is that before the appearance of the first vertebrates, millions of years still had to pass, and this was a fully formed skeleton, which at the same time belonged to humans.

The second skeleton was much easier to study. The specialist added that the remains definitely belong to humans, not primates.

Tiny human remains found in Antarctica 600 million years old 2

To date, it remains a mystery what the settlement of these small people was and whether they were technologically advanced people. The remains were sent to Washington for further study.


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