Times The actual number of deaths from COVID-19 in Britain was higher

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Official reports of the British Ministry of Health on the number of deaths due to coronavirus may not correspond to reality. This was written by reporters of The Times.

According to the agency, the number of coronavirus victims in the United Kingdom is 28.7 thousand people. The number of confirmed cases of infection amounted to 190.6 thousand.

However, the publication claims that in fact, almost twice as many patients died due to the coronavirus in Britain. Allegedly, the true number is 55.7 thousand.

The calculations were based on data from the National Statistical Office of Great Britain. It is noted that in just one week by April 24, the number of deaths in the country exceeded the average for the last five years by 11 539 people.

From April 28, the official statistics began to include the number of deaths in nursing homes. And their number has grown again. Journalists brought together all these data, while removing from them the indicators of average mortality over the past five years. This allowed The Times to get the indicated number.


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