Timeless paintings will never fade

(ORDO NEWS) — Time is merciless with paints and paintings, but tiny metallic pixels can help create photographs and paintings that never lose their brilliance.

These aluminum pixels – known as plasmonic pixels – were previously used to create microscopic (only a couple of microns wide) and extremely simple paintings. Now a team of scientists from the University of Melbourne has used them to create high-definition color images.

Plasmon pixels use free electrons in metals. If you make a tiny aluminum pixel of the correct size and shape, these electrons will begin to vibrate at a certain frequency, giving the image a certain color.

Thus, the size of the pixels dictates the color, and the space between them dictates its saturation. Researchers have created a new manufacturing process that allows the creation of 2,000 different types of pixels, corresponding to 2,000 different colors and shades.

Thus, they created the richest color palette that scientists have never had access to in the past.

You can see the first results in the picture at the beginning of the article. The image on the left (the dimmest one) is a real photograph, the other two are created using plasmonic pixels.

Now metal paintings are only about 1.5 cm wide, but this is just the beginning, and the larger the image, the more pixels it will have, and the richer the colors.

This technique can be used to create timeless photographs and high-resolution images that won’t fade or fade. They can be used for various labels, price tags, medical equipment, as well as for the most ordinary photographs, which from now on will not be afraid of either water or the sun.


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