“Time Traveler” predicted catastrophes in the US and Europe

(ORDO NEWS) — The self-proclaimed “time traveler” claimed on his social media page that natural disasters would soon hit the US and Europe. The Sun drew attention to his predictions.

The user of the social network, hiding under the nickname Timetravelexplorer, claims to have arrived in our time from the year 2198.

He predicted that in 2026 giant waves about 240 meters high will rise in the Atlantic Ocean.

Also, in his opinion, in 2029, an “unprecedented hurricane” will hit the east coast of the United States, and in 2033, a powerful earthquake will occur in southern Europe.

Timetravelexplorer clarified that the hurricane in the United States will do without casualties.

Many users questioned the predictions of a guest from the future.

“God, you are not a real time traveler,” wrote one of them. “I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes,” said another.

Previously, another self-proclaimed “time traveler” predicted humans would fall from the sky. He also said that in 2023, a plane will disappear without a trace over the Bermuda Triangle.


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