Tile with Roman imperial mark found in England

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(ORDO NEWS) — A unique tile with an imperial brand was found in a Roman bath in England. The bathhouse is located on the territory of the Carlisle Cricket club in the Carlisle suburb. Roman manufacturers have always marked their products for quite a long time, therefore, those tiles that have survived to our times must have a special label.

It is worth noting that IMP printing is extremely rare. This is reported by the News and Star newspaper.

As a rule, several tiles are found in one place at once. Usually their number reaches ten. Due to this, experts can say that it was in such places that this tile was produced.

At the same time, archaeologists believe that this territory could once have been the location of the imperial court, which was engaged in stamping tiles. This assumption arose due to the fact that the imperial mark was present on the product, and not one of the manufacturers.

For the first time, experts managed to find the remains of a bath in 2017. Then, archaeological excavations were carried out at the construction site of the club. Initially, archaeologists believed that there were only a few interesting artifacts, but over time they managed to find rooms with walls that had not only painted rooms, but also floors that were preserved in good condition.

Additionally, it was possible to establish the presence of a heating system that heated the air and supplied it to channels specially made for this.


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