Three dangerous symptoms of diabetes: when to call an ambulance

(ORDO NEWS) — Type II diabetes mellitus is a fairly common disease throughout the world. Children and adults, men and women, suffer from it. A person can live a normal life and be unaware of a dangerous illness. But there are some symptoms that require urgent medical attention.

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The symptoms of the disease are different. It all depends on the severity of your diabetes. You can not close your eyes to any of the signs of the disease. Clinical Director Hussein Abde talked about three serious signs of type II diabetes:

  • weak rapid pulse;
  • fever;
  • dry mouth.

These three symptoms may indicate a complication of type II diabetes. These symptoms may indicate a hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state (HGS). With this complication, the level of sugar in the human body reaches a critical level.

Usually, HGS can be accompanied by seizures, paralysis (temporary) and loss of consciousness. As you can see, in such a situation, a sick person cannot help himself at all, but if others are attentive, then save life is more than real.

For example, in the United States and some European countries, people with this disease wear special bracelets. These bracelets indicate the presence of illness, but they look completely aesthetically pleasing, and not like hospital tags.

Prolonged stay of a person in this state can damage the nerves and cause a new disease – diabetic neuropathy. These processes are irreversible and affect the quality of life of patients.


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