Three bright fireballs swept over Central Europe in three hours

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to the report of the International Meteor Organization, 3 fireballs flew over Central Europe in a few hours, the first two with a difference of only half an hour.

Fireballs are called meteors, which are characterized by an incredibly bright glow, the intensity of which is higher than that of Venus. According to scientists, 5-300 tons of dust enter the earth’s atmosphere per day. Most of it burns, leaving a luminous trail. Burning garbage and called a meteor.

Usually meteors are solitary phenomena, but not in our case. For three hours, astronomers noticed three fireballs. The objects were filmed by the CAMS NASA project camera located in the city of Grafontaine (Belgium). The first object appeared at 22:57 GMT, and the second at 23:33. The first car was visible only in the eastern regions of Belgium. The second phenomenon was noticeable almost everywhere except the west of the country.

The third car hit the camera lenses at 01:52. He was seen by cameras located in Seisdorf (Germany). Meteors can be observed regularly, since there are elements of dust everywhere in the solar system. There are also meteor showers formed by the dust tails of comets. Dozens of meteors occur when our planet passes by such traces, that is, dust clouds. April 22, it is worth noting, the brightest meteor shower Lirida is expected.


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