Three ancient secret rooms discovered in Jerusalem

(ORDO NEWS) — In Jerusalem, in the Old City, archaeologists have discovered an amazing find. Researchers unearthed three ancient secret rooms. The experts have yet to unravel the secret of their destiny.

According to the publication National Geographic, the new archaeological site was manually cut out of hard rock using various tools, including iron hammers. Excavations began in 2019,

Specialists studied the remains of a long-standing building, which is located about 35 meters from the base of the wall. Scientists began to study the excavations from the white floor on which the tiles were.

Three underground rooms were discovered under this floor; they were on different floors and connected by a staircase.

The size of the two rooms is 2.5 × 4 meters and 2.5 × 2.5 meters. The third room has not yet been excavated.

According to scientists, this underground system could be part of a much larger social structure that has since been destroyed.

Niches were found in the rooms, in which there were entirely and fragmentedly preserved clay oil lamps and bowls made of limestone.

It turned out that the niches were formed for 2,000 years, and archaeologists are inclined to think that the rooms were cut down at the same time.

Scientists do not yet understand what these rooms were for; they still have to solve this mystery.


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