Thousands of ravens obscured the sky over some American cities

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Near Seattle, in the city of Bothell, people watched a very terrible picture: if not thousands, then hundreds of crows were streaming over their heads. There were so many of them that the sky turned black.

Since crows in mythology are harbingers of death, it is clear that such huge swarms of birds scared many inhabitants. A similar thing happened over the University of Washington. There, the number of birds was approximately 15 thousand.

Experts are now trying to establish what is associated with the strange behavior of the raven. Perhaps the reasons are commonplace – migration at the end of winter. Feathered can be sent to colder regions.

While scientists are finding out the truth, people meanwhile are actively sharing creepy shots on social networks. Many expect something terrible. We hope that the events are really connected with migration processes.


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