Thousand-year-old Tang Dynasty tombs discovered in China

(ORDO NEWS) — In China, archaeologists during excavations in the north of the country discovered three previously unknown tombs dating back to the period of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).

According to the Xinhua news agency, the discovery was made by a team from the Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archeology. The found tombs are located about two kilometers west of the city of Shuozhou.

From a historical point of view, they are located in a key area: it is here, as it is believed, that in antiquity there was a mixture of two cultures, nomadic and settled agricultural.

Experts have already analyzed the identified objects. According to their shape and style of construction, it was possible to determine that two of the three owners of the tombs were a married couple – husband and wife. They probably weren’t rich.

At the same time, many artifacts were found inside the tombs: pottery, iron and stone tools, copper coins, silver jewelry and bone combs.

But one of the most curious finds was the vessels made in the form of a tower. According to Gao Zhenhua, an employee of the provincial institute of archeology, such pots were not found in tombs built before the Tang Dynasty.

“It was probably a new item that arose during the time of this dynasty as a result of the influence of Buddhism that appeared then on traditional funeral customs,” the expert says. “It was believed that such an item was necessary for the deceased so that he could eat and drink in the underworld.”

According to Gao, given the time, scale, geographical setting, and the number of grave goods in the tombs, it can be concluded that the owners of all three tombs were ordinary people.


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