Thought experiment : How fast do you have to run to catch fire?

(ORDO NEWS) — When driving at high speeds, most of the heat is produced not by air friction, but by compression. Like a ship moving on water, you are pushing a “bow” wave of air in front of you.

If you’re moving fast enough, the air molecules don’t get out of your way in time, causing them to cluster, collide, and heat up. Any parts of your body facing into the wind will gradually heat up.

Pure experiment

The best place for overclocking is a long and flat surface. For example, Pendin Beach in South Wales is suitable for these purposes, the length of which is at least 11 kilometers.

At sea level, the air is denser, which means that during acceleration, the molecules will compress and heat up faster.

Cremation takes place at a temperature of 1,500 degrees Celsius, and NASA studies involving aircraft show that to reach this temperature, you need to move at a speed of about 6,000 kilometers per hour.

More realistic experiment

The above case is for running without any clothes or shoes, but we will make the experiment more realistic by dressing the test subject in some kind of tracksuit. Slightly insulated tracksuit, given that it is already cool.

So, nylon ignites at a temperature of about 500 degrees Celsius, and wool at 230 degrees Celsius. This means that ignited clothing will provide the desired result much faster.

You can achieve success in this thought experiment by moving at a speed of about 2500 kilometers per hour.

It turns out that the comic book hero “Flash” is moving at about the same speed.


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