Thought and gaze – are they material?

(ORDO NEWS) — Do you feel the look? Yes, that same stubborn, hard look in the back. You look around nervously and what do you see? Some suspicious person is really staring at your back. But how could you feel it? Is the look … material?

We look at the back of the head

American scientists somehow conducted an experiment. They gathered several dozen people, put them in a large room, facing in one direction, gave them a watch so that they could keep track of the time, and left them alone, forbidding only to turn around and look around (the cameras strictly followed this).

Behind the backs of the test subjects, behind a mirrored glass (through which one can only see in one direction) was another person whose task was to gaze intently at the backs of the heads of the people sitting in front, looking from one back of the head to another at a certain time.

At the end of the experiment, the researchers conducted a survey and found that 95 percent of the subjects felt their eyes perfectly just at the moment when they were observed.

Rescue from predators

This is not mysticism or fantasy. The ability to “see with the back of the head” – with the back to feel the approach of a predator, has been inherent in us by nature since ancient times. Let’s say more – among all mammals in humans, this ability is best developed.

Almost everyone and almost always feel the prying eyes on themselves. Additionally, nature has rewarded our neural growth with one more “fuse”: if we cannot visually determine whether a person or a predatory animal is looking at us or at someone else (no matter from which point of observation), the brain, just in case, tells us that they are looking at us. It’s like a warning against a surprise attack.

A person feels when they look in his back

Love does not love

But what does the weight or the mass of thought have to do with it? The fact is that the experiment carried out clearly shows that thought is directly related to the material world. After all, many people argue that they do not just feel when someone else is looking in their back. They clearly share these views on threatening, caressing and even indifferent (which, by the way, is the most difficult) and in most cases they are right.

That is, a glance is not just a certain magnetic field that “touches” us by the back of the head, this field also transmits certain information, positive or negative. And the transfer of information is already, as we understand it, from the material sphere.

Knowledge cloud

To confirm this thesis, the following experiment was carried out. We invited a person whose gaze was as much as possible, let’s say, we feel it by other people. He was given the task: to clearly formulate a thought and try to convey it, looking at the back of the head to another person.

The transmission was recorded using a photoelectric apparatus – a device that converts electromagnetic signals into electric currents. So, at the moment of transmitting thoughts, the device recorded the appearance of a strange cloud, which separated from the transmitting one and headed towards the receiving signal. True, it was not possible to catch and decipher this cloud.

Some scientists even believe that thoughts do not depend on us and live their own lives. But this is a completely different area of ​​knowledge.


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