Those who have had coronavirus so far may not be afraid of re-infection

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Infectionist Anthony Fauci believes that all those people who have already had coronavirus may not worry about re-infection in the near future. But the data obtained from Asia become the reason for doubts that absolutely all who are ill have immunity to the disease. Studies have shown that a third of people do not have enough antibodies.

This suggests that they can not only get sick again, but that the vaccine will not bring any result.

Viruses mutate at an incredible speed and therefore immunity to one disease will be useless in the case of another pathology. But Fauci is confident that the coronavirus mutation rate is not high enough so that new strains appear each year that will differ too much from previous options.

Experts from South Korea provided evidence that already 51 people who had previously had coronavirus infection were re-infected. Moreover, they were discharged from the hospital and carefully checked for the presence of the virus. But at the moment, experts are not talking about re-infection, but about the fact that the virus was not completely cured and woke up again, or insufficient testing was carried out.


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