This product reduces the risk of death?

People who eat natto have a lower risk of dying. The study of Japanese culinary traditions, as well as an epidemiological study of 90 thousand middle-aged and elderly Japanese.

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the course of large-scale epidemiological studies, the object of which turned out to be 90 thousand Japanese middle-aged and elderly, it turned out that the reduction in the risk of death is associated with the consumption of fermented soybeans, in particular, natto.

Does the amount of natto affect the risk of death?

Previous studies have found that people who eat more foods from fermented soybeans have a lower risk of high blood pressure, and that consumption of natto reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases like myocardial infarction and stroke.

However, the relationship between consuming fermented soybean products and death from diseases that are not related to the circulatory system has not been discussed.

Therefore, the Ryoko Katagiri team from the National Cancer Research Center decided to study the relationship between death and the culinary practices of 92,915 Japanese (42,750 men and 5165 women) aged 45 to 74 years who took part in a large epidemiological study. The goal was to clarify the relationship of Japanese conditions and lifestyle with various diseases.

The research team based on data on the frequency of food intake by all study participants estimated the consumption of soybeans (tofu, yushi-dofu, freeze-dried koya-dofu, deep-fried tofu, soy milk and miso), fermented soybean products (natto and miso), as well as products from unfermented soybeans (tofu, yusi-tofu, freeze-dried koya-tofu, deep-fried tofu and soy milk). She also determined the amount of consumption of natto, miso and tofu (tofu, yusi-dofu and freeze-dried koya-dofu) separately.

People were divided into five equal groups according to the volume of consumption of these products: from the smallest to the largest. Moreover, with regard to natto, more than 12 thousand people said that they did not eat this dish at all, so they were assigned to the smallest group, and the rest of the research objects were divided into four groups in ascending order: second, third, fourth and maximum.

The relationship between the use of soybean products and mortality due to common causes and deaths from cancer, cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and injuries was examined.

People who eat more fermented soybeans have a lower risk of death.

During the observation period, which lasted 14.8 years, 13,303 people died. The relationship between death and soybean consumption was considered, taking into account certain factors.

These include: body mass index, smoking history, the amount of alcohol consumed, the duration of charging in free time, diabetes and hypertension, the use of coffee and green tea, the history of medical examinations, perimenopause or postmenopause, the history of hormone replacement therapy in women, calorie intake, and consumption of vegetables / fruit / fish / meat.

As a result, it became known that the use of soy products, as well as unfermented soybeans, is not associated with the risk of death (table 1 – see the original article – approx. ed.). Moreover, with regard to fermented soybeans, an inverse proportion was found for both men and women: the higher the consumption, the lower the risk of death. An analysis by type of product showed that the association between miso and natto consumption and mortality was statistically significant only in women.

Then, the relationship between soybean consumption and mortality was analyzed for common reasons. In men and women, an obvious connection with mortality from various diseases was observed only in the case of natto.

Compared with the first group, which does not eat natto at all, the maximum, fifth group, which consumed more than 26.2 grams daily, showed a decrease in the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. The weight of the natto, which is sold in Japan in a square package, is 40 – 50 grams, in a round one – 30 – 40 grams.

These results were obtained from an observational study. At the moment, a causal relationship has not been established, but there is a likelihood of reducing the risk of death due to the greater use of fermented soybeans, in particular, natto.

It is worth noting that among men and women, mortality from respiratory diseases and its relation to the use of soy products are significantly different, however, the authors did not talk about the reasons for such results.

Typically, compared with women, men have a higher percentage of mortality and respiratory diseases caused by smoking. Also, many men and women took part in the studies, the smoking experience of which was not able to obtain reliable information. At the same time, there were fewer deaths due to respiratory tract diseases than from other diseases. It can be assumed that, as a result, the statistical indicators of the analysis decreased. It is necessary to carefully interpret the results.


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