This medicine is dangerous to health of patients with coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Chinese scientists conducted a fresh study, thanks to which they were able to name a medicine that is dangerous for the health of patients with coronavirus.

We are talking about intolerance to heparin by such patients, and even among those who have never before taken the drug. So, among the examined patients with COVID-19, heparin was dangerous in about 41% of cases after the first administration of the drug, which is an extremely high indicator, considering that in normal times heparin intolerance occurs in about 1% of patients and then, after a long course treatment.

In connection with the results of a fresh study, Chinese scientists urge their colleagues to pay attention to the dangerous effect of heparin in patients with coronavirus. As a result, they recommend that you do not use this drug, making instead a choice in favor of other anticoagulant drugs.


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