This is why retirees are the most generous generation. All because of the hormone of love

(ORDO NEWS) — It turns out that grandparents are kind not only because of our family ties. But what is the “hormone of love”? The answer was given by scientists from the USA.

The generosity of the elderly is as famous as the grumbling of the elderly. However, now we can talk about the physiological causes of generosity.

It’s all about oxytocin: a hormone associated with empathy and generosity. It was he who was nicknamed the “hormone of love”, since one of its functions is to help couples, mothers and children get closer.

It is believed that the connection is due to the great life experience of the elderly. So, they are better able to deal with negative emotions. This allows them to focus on the feeling of compassion, causing a greater release of oxytocin in the brain.

This is why retirees are the most generous generation All because of the hormone of love 2

Scientists have found

According to a study by US scientists, oxytocin is released to a greater extent in older people. The feeling of generosity manifests itself in the elderly when they are faced with something that requires their sympathy or compassion.

Researchers at Claremont University in California showed 103 people aged 18 to 99 a heartbreaking video. On it, a father describes his feelings for his two-year-old son, who is dying of brain cancer. An image of the baby in the hospital was also shown to the test subjects.

They were then asked to make an anonymous donation to the hospital. So, it turned out: people aged 65 years and older donated almost three times more than people aged 18 to 35 years.

In addition , it was found that in response to the video, older people release more oxytocin into the bloodstream than their younger counterparts in the experiment.


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