This has not happened for 75 years: the UN gave a disappointing forecast for 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — Today we are witnessing the worst crisis in the last 75 years. Due to the pandemic, 270 million people are on the verge of death due to food shortages. If you fail to collect the required amount, the consequences will be catastrophic.

Next year, states need to cooperate and carry out a number of humanitarian activities, said David Beasley, director of the UN World Food Program. The specialist said that over the past 75 years there has been no greater crisis. In just four years, the number of hungry people increased from 80 million to 135 million. In addition to the coronavirus, there is another reason for this – war.

The epidemic has led to the fact that today 270 million people need help. This number is growing every month. To prevent a catastrophe, 19 trillion dollars are needed, which cannot be collected. The international community has already spent such an amount on the fight against coronavirus.

With the observed economic recession, the needs of the population have doubled. We will not be able to sponsor all programs this year, so you will need to focus on one thing – preventing hunger.

The number of hungry people is projected to rise by 269% in Latin America, 135% in Asia and 90% in Africa. Countries urgently need to raise roughly $ 5 billion for basic human needs.

A month ago, the UN reported that starvation awaits the inhabitants of four countries, and the threat of such an outcome with an illiterate policy exists in 16 countries. The biggest problems are in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Yemen and South Sudan. We can only hope that the world community will not allow a sad outcome of events.


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