Third after Utah and Romania: another steel monument found in California

(ORDO NEWS) — Mysterious metal obelisks appear to be the trend for December 2020.

The steel monolith in Utah seems to have become a source of inspiration for followers in Europe and now again in the USA – the third mysterious steel structure has already been found in the world.

In mid-November, in the Utah desert, a planned flyby of the territory allowed specialists from the Department of Public Safety and environmentalists to find a steel monument, which is more than two meters high, installed next to a sheer cliff.

The monolith, with its appearance referring to the 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, was installed by unknown persons. Just as unexpectedly as it appeared, the mysterious monument disappeared – only a depression in the ground left by the monolith, as well as a steel triangle that covered the upper end of the structure, remained.

In early December, it became known that on November 26, on the Batka-Doamnei hill in the city of Piatra Neamt in northern Romania, not far from the oldest historical monument – the ancient Petrodava-Dacian fortress – a similar monument was found. A steel structure, dotted with incomprehensible symbols engraved on its surface.

And just a week after the discovery of the monolith in Utah, a similar metal structure was found in another US state. According to The Guardian, in the small town of Atascadero on the coast of Central California, on the top of Mount Pine, tourists discovered a three-sided monument, made, as eyewitnesses suggest, of stainless steel.

According to the local Atascadero News, unlike the Utah building, which stood motionless, the Californian monument is easy enough to move, and on its surface are visible traces of rivets connecting the sides of the structure, which is, according to local estimates, a hollow structure on a metal frame with metal cladding.

In the same way as with previously found monoliths in Utah and Romania, local authorities do not know who, when and for what purpose built the structure.

PS: In California, a group of inadequate citizens broke the monolith:

Men chanting “Christ the King” destroyed a new monolith in Atascadero, California, and replaced it with a wooden cross.


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