They wanted to save the world’s oceans with cement

(ORDO NEWS) — Concrete structures have appeared on the shores of San Diego Bay in the US state of California, which are used as an artificial base for oyster reefs.

So local environmentalists want to contribute to the salvation of the oceans, according to

The spherical structures are made up of a mixture of cement, sand and crushed mollusk shells – the latter component attracting live oysters, which attach themselves to objects and arrange their colonies there.

According to experts, after about a year, these hollow structures are covered with many shells and silt.

Eileen Maher, director of environmental protection at the Port of San Diego, said the artificial reefs protect the shores from erosion, and the mollusks that inhabit them filter the water and contribute to the normal functioning of the marine ecosystem.

One oyster filters about 190 liters of water per day, making it less cloudy – this helps the development of underwater vegetation and animals.

Previously, in a similar way to save underwater inhabitants, they gathered in the Danish city of Orsu. The initiative was initiated by Lighthouse United and Per Aarsleff A/S, which are building the tallest building in the municipality.

Surplus building materials began to be processed on site and turned into an alternative to coral reefs. It is expected that artificial structures will become a new and safe environment for sea creatures – algae will grow on them, and crabs will hide inside and fish will breed.


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