These Fruits Lower Cholesterol Naturally

(ORDO NEWS) — Very often, people are advised to avoid certain foods in order to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

But is there a way to achieve this not at the expense of failure, but rather through the introduction of certain products?

According to a dietitian and professor of medicine at the University of California Zhuapina Li, there really are such ways. She listed a whole list of fruits that help lower cholesterol naturally.

To those, the specialist attributed pears and apples. Not only are they low in calories, they are also fat and sodium free. In turn, the fiber obtained from their use contributes to the protection of the heart by normalizing blood pressure.

Also useful in matters of changing cholesterol levels is avocado. With its daily use, the level of low density lipoproteins is stabilized.

Don’t forget the grapes, Lee said. It has a positive effect on intestinal bacteria.


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