These drinks lead to premature aging

(ORDO NEWS) — Beauty depends on what we eat. Whether we like it or not, alcohol, fatty foods, snacks, chips and many other things prematurely age the skin and damage the hair.

Alcohol is especially harmful. In small doses, it is useful, and in large doses, it causes colossal harm. Scientists have revealed which alcoholic beverages lead to premature aging.

Alcohol leads to dehydration. Because of this, the skin suffers a lot. Wrinkles appear, dull color, small vessels begin to appear on the face and give it a painful redness.

Alcoholic beverages interfere with the normal absorption of useful substances. Because of this, the body experiences a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements. Of course, this affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

Changes in appearance are observed in people with alcohol addiction. The person looks older, the face is “swept” due to constant swelling.

Therefore, a person can look 45+ in his 30s. And we are talking only about appearance, but everything suffers: organs, psychological health, cognitive functions.

Energy drinks with alcohol are very dangerous for health. They overload the liver, it begins to work worse, and the whole result is, as they say, “on the face”. Such low-alcohol cocktails lead to premature aging of blood vessels, heart and kidneys.

You should also not abuse beer . Most of the offered products contain nothing but chemicals and preservatives.

They have nothing to do with the ancient barley drink invented by the Armenians. After a couple of such beer mugs, a person gets not only alcoholic, but also chemical intoxication.

Strong drinks are no less dangerous. People often abuse vodka, whiskey, cognac, and this affects their appearance. A vivid example of how it changes a person’s face is the singer Hryhoriy Leps.


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