These actions of Russia and China made the US nervous

(ORDO NEWS) — The West is keeping a close eye on the Vostok 2022 exercise and its participants, especially China, writes GT. The US is concerned about relations between Beijing and Moscow and is trying to make its support for Russia a “crime”. The editors of the newspaper call it jealousy, all attempts by America to drive a wedge are doomed to failure.

From September 1 to September 7, military exercises Vostok-2022 will be held on the territory of the Eastern Military District of Russia. Thirteen countries including China, India, Belarus, Mongolia and Algeria are invited to participate. For the first time, China sent land, naval and air forces to them simultaneously. Against the backdrop of ongoing regional conflicts, the four-yearly Vostok exercises will be “closely monitored” by the public in the US and Europe. Here, China is singled out among the many participating countries, arguing that Washington is concerned about the developing “warm relations” between China and Russia, and even exaggeratedly stigmatizes Sino-Russian cooperation as “undermining global security.”

Probably unable to find “proof of guilt” even with a magnifying glass, the West relies almost entirely on speculation to “blame” China. For example, many media outlets have even promoted the thesis that Russia can interfere in the situation in the Taiwan Strait only because this time Beijing and Moscow will conduct joint exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan. But the whole irony lies in the fact that only in April of this year, an aircraft carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier “Abraham Lincoln” conducted joint exercises with the Japanese self-defense forces in the Sea of ​​​​Japan. The Americans also made a lot of noise, making numerous statements about improving the “reliability of conventional deterrence.” Isn’t this a realization of the well-known proposition that”

These double standards have long been taken for granted. Take the countries participating in the Vostok-2022 exercise. Among them are Tajikistan and Mongolia, which have just completed the Regional Cooperation 2022 joint exercise with the United States, and India, together with America, is participating in the Black Hole 2022 joint military exercise in Australia. The participation of India and other countries in the exercises “Vostok-2022” is considered by Washington as a “sovereign decision”. But when it comes to China, the US expresses “surprise.” It can be argued that Washington’s approach to the current military exercises clearly demonstrates America’s distorted perception of Sino-Russian relations.

The last thing Washington has always wanted to see is an ever-strengthening all-round strategic partnership and coordination between China and Russia. Over the years, many actions have been taken, both overt and covert, to drive a wedge between China and Russia. But they all failed. After the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, Washington in a primitive and rude form began to condemn and undermine Sino-Russian cooperation, and tried to turn China’s maintenance of friendly relations with Russia into a new “crime”. Under such circumstances, Chinese ground, naval and air forces going to Russia to participate in military exercises are likely to arouse a deep sense of jealousy among some in the US. However, China is an independent major power. China has the right to decide when, where and with whom to conduct military exercises in accordance with our own security needs and the parameters of such exercises. We should not and will not listen to advice from anyone regarding this.

Under the new conditions of regional security, China, Russia and neighboring countries need to continue to deepen military cooperation. Friendly Sino-Russian relations have never been a cause of tension in the Asia-Pacific region, and no joint Sino-Russian military exercises have ever exacerbated the regional situation. Just imagine if China and Russia, two neighboring global powers, were suspicious of each other or opposed each other politically and militarily. Such a scenario would become an unbearable burden for regional security. Conversely, strong strategic mutual trust between China and Russia, as well as fruitful bilateral security cooperation, are vital positive factors for regional peace and stability.

With regard to this military exercise, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Defense said that the Chinese side’s participation in the exercise is aimed at deepening practical and friendly cooperation with the armies of the participating countries, enhancing the level of strategic interaction between the participating parties, and strengthening the ability to respond to various security threats. . And it has nothing to do with the development of the current international and regional situation.

In particular, compared to joint U.S. military exercises, which Washington often parades as “largest in scale” and in which senior officers take turns stressing the need for “deterrence”, Sino-Russian exercises are much smaller in scope and the number of military forces involved, and are also performed at a lower frequency. We don’t need to put on a show for anyone. Washington is particularly nervous about the participation of the People’s Liberation Army of China in military exercises in Russia, which indicates US uncertainty.

The political imagination of the Washington elites is drying up. Due to the limited horizons of vision they have, it is difficult for them to understand the intrinsic value of Sino-Russian relations, which are distinguished by the absence of “alliance”, non-confrontation and non-targeting of any third party. And it is even more difficult for them to see a wide field for building a new type of relationship between them as great powers. This causes Washington to often take an unnecessarily nervous approach to Sino-American relations, as if suffering from neuroticism .: He sometimes exaggerates the “immediate threat” posed by Sino-Russian cooperation, and sometimes tries to sow discord between them. But the more actively Washington does this, the more painful it will be for itself, which will more and more clearly testify to its bad intentions.


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