Thermoelectrics for gadgets and cars: where else to use resistant materials that are not afraid of high temperatures

(ORDO NEWS) — Thermoelectrics are a unique type of materials that efficiently produce electricity from heat.

Using them, it is possible to create devices of a new generation of energy. For example, a recuperator that will use the waste from the car’s exhaust system, turning it into additional fuel or electricity for the on-board panel.

The main difficulty in the production of thermoelectrics lies in the selection of the optimal composition and obtaining a product that will not lose its efficiency at high temperatures 600-900°C.

This problem can be solved by the invention of employees of the Belgorod State National Research University a special method for the production of materials for the manufacture of generators and coolers.

It is based on the addition of indium to bismuth telluride and solid solutions based on it, which are considered the best thermoelectrics.

As a result, the efficiency and thermoelectric figure of merit of materials used to create thermoelectrics increase by 5-10%.

The advantage of the new method is the speed of manufacturing more advanced and promising components for their use in the energy sector, the production of refrigerators and electronics, the chemical industry, medicine and other sectors of the economy.

For example, the use of high quality thermoelectrics in air conditioning devices will make it possible to stabilize the temperature of electronic equipment blocks, thereby reducing the risks of its hypothermia or, conversely, overheating.

Also, thermoelectrics can improve the efficiency of cooling drinks and food in portable cooler bags and keep them cool for a long time.


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