There will be a war on the moon between the US and China

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA plans to establish its base at Shelkton Crater, located at the South Pole. In about 20 years, China will be able to capture the North Pole. This statement was made by astrophysicist David Whitehouse. The war between these countries will begin around 2069.

China and the United States will establish bases on opposite sides of the moon over the next 20 years. Because of this, a war will start in space in a few decades. David Whitehouse is confident that the Chinese will make the base huge and, as a result, conflict will spread around it.

The scientist also added that it is no secret to anyone that China still wants to fly to Mars, but before that they plan to create a base on an Earth satellite. They are going to do this by the middle of the next decade.

Initially, China considered the Shelton crater as the site of the base. But not only the Americans were interested in him, but also many other countries. In this regard, the place of creation of the base can be changed. There are speculations that the Chinese will establish a base on the dark side of the moon.

Also, the scientist is confident that soon small colonies will be created on the Red Planet and people will gradually begin to cross there. Literally in 50 years, Mars and the Moon will have their own population, which will forever forget about the Earth and will not consider our planet as their home.

The astrophysicist also added that some people can become exiles. They will not be able to visit our planet just because the force of gravity can cause their death. Another part will become a completely new branch of humanity.

How correct these predictions will be will only be known in a few decades. At the moment, it remains only to speculate about what awaits us in the future.


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