There was a huge mysterious object in the early solar system

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have been studying a fragment of the asteroid 2008 TC3 some time ago. It exploded back in 2008 over Sudan. The study showed that at least one space rock, the size of which could be compared to a dwarf planet, orbited the Sun during the early existence of the solar system.

The results of the study were published by scientists in the journal Nature Astronomy. A strange crystal structure was found inside the fragment under study. This could not have happened inside an ordinary asteroid. Scientists believe that this finding is proof that the early solar system is significantly different from what we imagined it to be.

Hydrated crystals, or as they are also called amphiboles, arise as a result of exposure to high temperature and pressure over time. Experts believe that 2008 TC3 could be a fragment of an ancient dwarf planet. Vicki Hamilton stated that there were also minerals in the fragment, which indicate a long-term effect of water.

The experts added that, most likely, the object that is responsible for the formation of such incredibly rare crystals has not existed for a long time. It could collapse into small pieces. But at the same time, this study may indicate that a variety of objects were present in the young solar system, some of which scientists know absolutely nothing about.


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