There may not be a black hole in the center of our Galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are speculating about what might be at the heart of our universe’s Milky Way. They put forward the assumption that a mysterious object is located there. Until now, it was believed that there was a large black hole at the center of the Milky Way. But now scientists agree that there is most likely some object that has not been previously studied. 

Black hole in the Milky Way is closer to Earth than previously thought

Scientists suggest that there may be a core of black matter in the center. This hypothesis could explain the orbital velocities in the outer regions of the Galaxy. Astrophysicists were pushed to this hypothesis by the star S2 and its orbit. 

A star goes full circle in 16 years. An orbit in the form of a long elliptical loop has become the optimal laboratory for testing the theory of relativity. Scientists have already proven that the relativity of space and time depends on the galactic center.

17 stars and unexplained objects such as G2 revolve around the galactic center. The nature of G2 is unknown to researchers. This object appeared in 2004. Over the years of observations, astronomers have noticed that G2 changes its shape: near the black hole, the object stretches, and far from it, it again becomes spherical. 

Precisely because all these cosmic bodies move in orbits around the epicenter, attracting them, scientists think that there is not a hole, but a dense clot of dark matter in the form of a nucleus.


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