There may be salt water on Mars

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The climate of Mars is not suitable for preserving pure water on the surface of the planet. According to the researchers, it can exist there in the form of a saline solution that can persist for a long time.

Lots of salt called perchlorates on the Red Planet were discovered by the Curiosity and Phoenix rovers. Scientists are sure that it is thanks to these deposits that “seas” on Mars may well form.

To find out how salt bodies of water will behave on another planet, scientists from the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, in particular the specialist Edgar River-Valentine, conducted a simulation in which combined thermodynamic and climate computer models.

It was found that salty liquid is able to persist for six hours on the surface of the planet and under it. This is possible in 40% of the territories of Mars, mainly in the middle and upper latitudes. The problem is the temperature of the liquid. It is 48 ° C, and this is 25 ° C lower than the one that was on Earth during the formation of life.

Research by scientists does not yet have any benefit. They will become truly important only when developed countries decide to send people to Mars. The use of Mars liquid will help to avoid pollution of the Red Planet with the biomaterial of the Earth. If it turns out that the salty liquid on Mars is not suitable for life, various restrictions to protect Mars can be relaxed. Today, everyone strictly follows the special protocols developed by scientists.


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