There may be no herd immunity against COVID-19: medical opinion

(ORDO NEWS) — Most experts today believe that humanity may not develop a herd immunity at all, which will withstand the coronavirus. The reason for this is that the infection mutates too quickly.

This is reported by the Apostrophe.

Professor Viktor Dosenko shared information that the best specialists from all over the world are afraid that the likelihood of the formation of herd immunity is too scanty. Even vaccination will not be able to help in its appearance, because the coronavirus mutates all the time and people begin to become infected with new strains.

Dosenko added that if we take into account this position of scientists, then the number of new variants of infection depends on how many people have been infected. The more those who have already had coronavirus, the greater the risk of a new mutation.

The professor considers the second argument that vaccination is at different levels in different countries. Even if in some countries the majority of residents are vaccinated, this will not change anything if a similar situation is not observed in other countries.

Vladimir Galitsky, in turn, adds that even if the collective immunity is formed by some miracle, it may not be able to cope with the new types of the modified virus. New strains may be more infectious, so the immune system will not be able to fully cope with them. The situation with the coronavirus, according to Galitsky, resembles the situation with the flu. There is also no herd immunity against it, because every year humanity is faced with a new strain.


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