There is a place on Earth where it gets colder rather than hotter: STUDY ANSWERS WHY

(ORDO NEWS) — In general, the Earth is getting warmer, which, according to the vast majority of climatologists, is the result of greenhouse gas emissions.

However, one place in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean becomes colder every year.

This “cold spot” has been a subject of interest for climatologists since it was first discovered in 2015. Unfortunately, the difficulties of ocean circulation make it difficult to explain.

A group of researchers from the Institute of Meteorology. Max Planck in Germany applied long-term climate modeling, simulated various configurations to find those that correspond to the observed temperature drop.

One of the factors they identified is not particularly surprising, as it reinforces previous studies that show that the flow of water, called the Atlantic Ocean Circulation (AMOC), has weakened significantly since the mid-20th century.

The current draws warm salty surface water from the tropics located north of the Gulf of Mexico to the European coast, exchanging them for cold fresh water coming from melting ice.

Exactly what may cause a slowdown in water circulation is not entirely clear, although some models suggest that more meltwater from Greenland, combined with an increase in global temperature, will match what we see.


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