There can be life on planets traveling across the universe

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have suggested that rogue planets that travel through the universe may have conditions suitable for life and not even have their own parent stars. The first talk about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence began a long time ago, but it was Frank Drake who in 1961 “added fuel to the fire.”

This is reported by Discovermagazine.

The scientist derived a special equation. It could help determine the number of civilizations that could simultaneously exist in the galaxy. Just ten years later, Drake added that his calculations were actually very conservative. Among all the conditions, there was the fact that the inhabited world must necessarily revolve around the star. That is why rogue planets were immediately thrown aside and were not considered as potential candidates.

Such planets move around the Universe without a parent star and solar system. Their formation takes place next to the star, but for some unknown reason, in the future, there is an ejection into space. Today, experts say that there are billions of such objects in galaxies. At first glance, it may seem very doubtful the existence of life in such desolate and incredibly cold conditions, but over the past 20 years, scientists have suggested several different scenarios at once.

Various factors can influence the development of life. The most important are the liquid and the presence of a certain source of energy. The zone, which is considered the most comfortable for the development and maintenance of life, was named the “Goldilocks” area. Previously, experts were looking for civilization in such a zone, but Sara Seager believes that it is necessary to expand their ideas about which planets can be suitable for living organisms.


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