There are hundreds of wandering black holes in the Milky Way

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers conducted another study and provided data on the appearance of elusive clusters that consist of black holes and a huge number of stars moving behind them in space.

Of course, from the Earth it may seem that the sky remains in one position all the time, but the Universe moves all the time. A huge number of galaxies not only meet each other, but also collide, which leads to the formation of clusters and terrible cataclysms that provoke the emergence of gas clouds.

These processes have been studied quite well, but to this day, astronomers do not have enough information about what actually happens with supermassive black holes located in the center of galaxies if they collide.

Some experts believe that two galactic nuclei can merge together and form one black hole of incredible size, which will provoke very strong gravitational waves. But if at least a slight asymmetry happens during the merger, then this can trigger a black hole from the galaxy. She will go into space and drag a huge number of stars and clouds of dust.

Similar objects that move through outer space are called hypercompact stellar systems.

Scientists also know that black holes can not only merge, but also absorb other objects. When the Milky Way was younger, the black hole located in the very center was not so large. During its existence, it absorbed dwarf galaxies. It is worth noting that the Milky Way could provoke the appearance of hundreds of wandering black holes.

This statement was made after computer simulation by astrophysicists from the Netherlands Space Research Institute and the University of Radboud.


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