There are fewer habitable places on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have conducted experiments that relate to the habitability of the Earth. They found that now on the planet a decrease in the number of places suitable for living has been noticed.

Experts report that global warming is a factor in reducing the habitability of the planet earth. They made a report after examining temperature measurements with a wet thermometer. To do this, they cover a conventional thermometer with a damp cloth. It is important that this parameter is not reported in the weather forecast.

Scientists explain that the actual threshold for human survival is 35 degrees –– 46 ordinary, at 50% humidity. With the indicators above, a person cannot generate a process of self-cooling. A similar critical situation is already evident in some regions of the planet.

Researchers say that today extreme temperatures can be observed in the Persian Gulf, India, USA, Pakistan and Mexico. There the indicator is from 27 to 35 degrees. Experts also mentioned the case in Europe, where they observed increased mortality due to this reason, but at that time the temperature was not higher than 28 degrees.


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