Theory suggests that time slows down and will one day stop completely

(ORDO NEWS) — There is a radical theory proposed by a team of physicists from the Spanish University of Salamanca led by Professor José Senovilla, which says that time can stop, as a result of which “everything that exists will freeze as in a photograph.”

Like a winding mechanical watch that gradually loses energy, time gradually slows down and suddenly stops altogether.

“We believe that time arose during the Big Bang [in the process of the birth of the Universe], which means that it can also disappear – this is just the opposite effect of its birth,” the authors of the study say.

The universe is not expanding at an accelerating rate

This theory casts doubt on the established idea of ​​a continuously expanding universe with the participation of dark energy, which causes this process to accelerate, penetrating all available space.

The problem, however, is that dark energy is still a complete mystery to scientists, and the theory of an expanding universe also seems to contradict the nature of gravity and other laws of physics that suggest that there must have been a gradual slowdown in expansion after the Big Bang.

According to Professor Senovilla’s team’s theory, distant galaxies only seem to be accelerating away because telescopes designed to study deep space look into the distant past, when time was passing faster than from the current point of view.

Therefore, astronomers have a strong impression that there, in the depths of space, everything happens very quickly, contrary to existing physics.

Theory suggests that time slows down and will one day stop completely 2

The Senovilla team believes that a complete stop in time can occur at any moment, but no one will understand this, since absolutely all chemical and physical processes will stop. Our world will cease to function at an elementary level, which will lead to a non-standard form of the cessation of the existence of all things.


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