The world’s largest Three Gorges Dam can break through at any time

(ORDO NEWS) — Last week we repeatedly mentioned the deplorable state of the Three Gorges Dam and other water-retaining structures. According to the latest data, everything is bad with the world’s largest dam.

On June 27, a video was posted on the Web that showed the strongest flooding in the region, in particular the Chinese city of Yichang, which is located in Hubei Province. This settlement is located directly under the dam. On June 29, authorities reported an emergency discharge of water. This water just flooded the city. It turns out that the authorities sacrificed some people to save others.

Rains in China continue, the Yangtze River continues to replenish with tons of water. On Monday, as reported by the official Xinhua News Agency, spillways were reopened. Forecasters predict heavy and moderate rains in early July.

The dam may again experience a flood, the consequences of which the Chinese will correct until the middle of the month. Note that in the Middle Kingdom it has been raining for 29 days in a row.

On June 28, the reservoir received 40 thousand cubic meters of water, which is twice as much as the 27th. The authorities ordered to increase the discharge of water to 35 thousand cubic meters per second. The hydroelectric power station operated at peak power in order to get rid of excess water as soon as possible.

Authorities do not let anyone into the dam. If you believe the rumors, now there is a tense situation: all the workers are rushing around, the hydroelectric station is working at its maximum. Most frightening is that there has not yet been a peak of floods: the greatest rainfall always falls at the end of July and August.

Up to 400 million people are living upstream. In the event of a structural breakthrough, about 20 million citizens will be in danger. Plus, under water will be 60% of agricultural land, moreover, the most important for China.


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