The world’s largest poisonous jellyfish found on the beach

(ORDO NEWS) — A five-year-old girl from the United Kingdom walked along the beach with her father and stumbled upon a two-meter hairy cyanide. It is reported by Daily Star.

On Sunday, June 21, a Welshman, Dom Faux, walked with his five-year-old daughter Eryn along the local beach. Suddenly, the girl noticed a huge shadow in the distance in the sand. When she came closer, she saw a giant jellyfish, which carried the current to the shore. Fox reported that the length of the cyanide was at least two meters.

This type of jellyfish is considered the largest in the world.

The man was afraid to let his daughter close to the poisonous jellyfish, but she asked him to take a photo as a keepsake. “Everyone I showed the picture to was shocked. I hope Erin will remember this day for a long time,” admitted House.

After the photo was published on the network, the man began to receive numerous comments from users struck by the size of the jellyfish. Some have even advanced the theory of the alien origin of the creature.

The jellyfish found by Erin and the House, the hairy cyanide, is often compared to a mane of a lion because of its huge size. In the summer, these jellyfish live in the waters of the UK and grow up to two and a half meters in length.

Earlier it was reported that on a beach full of people in the United States made a huge poisonous hairy cyanide. Employees of the local wildlife department and recreational areas had to issue a purple warning, indicating that a dangerous animal was in the water.


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