The world’s largest mosquito caught in China

Blood will not suck, but scary.

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The insect was discovered in the mountains of southwestern Sichuan in August 2017 during an expedition organized by entomologist Zhao Li, and was studied at least until April 2018.

The wingspan of a mosquito is 11.15 centimeters, while in an ordinary representative of this species it does not exceed eight centimeters. It is alleged that this specimen is the largest in the world among this species of insects, according to the South China Morning Post .

Zhao Li, the organizer of the expedition, is the curator of the Museum of Insects of Western China in Chengdu, where the find will be presented. The specialist spent several months on a detailed study of the insect in order to finally make sure that it claims to be the largest.

The mosquito belongs to the family of centipedes, to the species Holorusia mikado. For the first time, such representatives of mosquitoes were discovered in Japan by the British entomologist John Westwood in 1876. However, usually the size of their wings is about eight centimeters.

The worlds largest mosquito caught in China

Despite the fact that such mosquitoes have an awesome appearance, they do not belong to the category of bloodsucking, fly poorly and do not pose a threat to humans.

In the Museum of Insects of Western China, where the found mosquito will be presented to the public, there are more than 700 thousand insects from 40 countries of the world.


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