The woman went for a swim and got lost in the sewers for three weeks

(ORDO NEWS) — On March 30, 43-year-old Lindsay Kennedy was pulled out of the sewer after wandering around for three weeks. Everyone believed that the woman was missing. The police were looking, but they had no idea to look for her in the sewage.

According to Lindsay’s testimony, she decided to swim in the canal near her husband’s house. There she discovered a strange tunnel that she wanted to explore. It turned out to enter, but to exit back – no.

For three weeks, the woman wandered through the dirty sewer passages, where snakes, rodents and various waste products. She scratched her body, strength already began to completely leave her. Fortunately, it so happened that at 9 am the cry for help, which came from a 2.5-meter hole, was heard by a passer-by. He called 911, the story ended well.

Arriving police and firefighters removed the cover, lowered the stairs and pulled the Florida resident with seat belts. They covered the woman’s naked body with a white cape. Lindsay was so weak that she could no longer stand on her own.

The loss of the woman was recorded on March 3. Then her husband, returning from work, did not find her at home, while the wallet and phone were in place. He immediately went to the police.


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