The woman spoke about the consequences of the coronavirus, which few people know about

(ORDO NEWS) — California resident Marianne Cisneros, 31, is currently suffering from a very unusual and very rare complication. It was caused by a previously transferred coronavirus.

The disease caused dysphasia. This pathology has led to the fact that the American can not eat almost anything. In order to swallow food, she needs to make a huge amount of effort.

Cisners spoke about her problem on a social network. She also added that doctors cannot explain why she is suffering so much. Most of all, experts are inclined to believe that the virus caused incredibly severe neurological damage.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that earlier an American woman was diagnosed with another disease – peripheral neuropathy, which affected the right side of the body.

Due to infection with a dangerous virus that provoked a pandemic, Marianne now has many difficulties. After she contracted the coronavirus, she had a stroke.

As a result, a variety of neurological disorders began to develop. It is worth paying attention to the fact that women aged 35-69 are most susceptible to such long-term complications. Also, people with disabilities, employees of education, health care and even social services can have problems.

Coronavirus can lead to a variety of consequences. As a rule, those organs or organ systems that were previously sick suffer the most. Chronic diseases begin to worsen, and as a result, many other deviations and health problems develop.


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