The woman spoke about her meeting with Jesus Christ

(ORDO NEWS) — A woman who had a near-death experience described how she met Jesus Christ in the afterlife. She also shared the details of this incredible event.

A woman named Jennifer unexpectedly passed out during pregnancy, which provoked her to lead the afterlife. She wrote to the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation that she had seen paradise. Also, the woman is sure that there she personally saw Christ, who ordered her to immediately return back to her body and continue on the earthly path.

Jennifer walked down a long tunnel that ended in a garden of incredible beauty. She heard children playing in it and knew perfectly well that she really wanted to get there. But Jen did not have time to reach the garden, because Jesus Christ himself appeared on her way, who said that she could not go to where the children were. Jennifer had to return immediately to where she came from.

The woman is sure that her experience is direct evidence of the existence of life after death, but many scientists continue to argue that such visions arise simply from a surge in brain activity before death.


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