The woman did not know that she had a broken refrigerator and had been eating spoiled food for several years

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(ORDO NEWS) — A woman who lives in Canada told an amazing story to users of the popular social network Reddit. She has been consuming spoiled food for several years simply because she did not know that her refrigerator was broken.

The woman turned to a specialist for help when the ice maker in her refrigerator stopped functioning as a result of extreme heat. The foreman quickly repaired the device and then asked if there were any more problems. The hostess asked him to look at the freezer, just in case. As it was possible to quickly establish, the freezer also broke. She could not fully function and maintain the temperature required for storing food.

On the social network, the woman said that she was shocked by what happened. All products expired much faster because they were stored at a completely different temperature.

A resident of Canada suffered from regular digestive disorders for five years, but did not attach any importance to it. She believed that she had poisoned herself in a restaurant or cafe that she had previously visited, but she could not even imagine that her own food and a broken freezer were the cause.


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