The woman claims to hear the voices of dead people

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(ORDO NEWS) — A woman suffering from a poltergeist asks for advice from knowledgeable people.

The two-room apartment of a 49-year-old resident of Syzran Catherine has become the abode of otherworldly forces. She told about this at an appointment with one of the doctors, where the woman’s normal mental health was confirmed.

However, she claims that for several years she recorded conversations with her elderly parents on a telephone recorder. Last year, mother and father died one after another, and daughter listened to tape recorders for hours on end. But from now on, their voices seem to the woman in the apartment.

– They do not fancy, but I can clearly hear them. Not in a dream, not in a drunken stupor, but in reality, do you understand? They call me: “Kaaaaatya!”, And then they say short phrases, for example, “Where is my dress?” or “Open the door, open the door!” – said Ekaterina.

At first, she was very worried and afraid of voices from the other world, but now she is sure that it exists. The townswoman explains the unusual connection with the souls of her parents by an anomaly that was formed due to her improper behavior after the funeral.

– When mom and dad died, sobbed until hoarse. Couldn’t calm down for several months. I didn’t go to work, didn’t eat anything. It seemed to me that life had stopped. I constantly listened to dictaphone recordings of their voices. And once I read in a church book that you can’t cry so much for your dead relatives. It torments them very much, –  the interlocutor shares.

How to live on, she does not know, and would be glad to advice from knowledgeable people.


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