The woman broke into the dentist’s office and pulled out 13 teeth of the patient

(ORDO NEWS) — A woman living in the US state of Nevada was detained by police a few days ago. She has committed a very strange crime. The American woman entered the dental clinic and removed 13 teeth from the patient at once. In addition, she stole a fairly large amount of money after a while. This is the first time this has happened in the state.

Reported by The Indepndent.

Laurel Eyck used to work in a dental clinic, but she was not a dentist herself. She told police that she pulled out 13 teeth in one of the patients who visited the dentist. At the same time, the woman used a fairly strong pain reliever, which had previously been written off directly by her employer.

Literally on the second day, Laurel entered the dental clinic and took possession of 22.8 thousand dollars. The police quickly arrived at the scene of the incident. They immediately noted that the door remained open in the office, and the window was smashed to smithereens. The woman was charged with two different charges at once. Laurel Eyck will be tried for large-scale theft of property, as well as performing a surgical operation without a legal right and license.

It is worth noting that it remains a mystery what exactly the woman did to the teeth that were pulled out from the patient. She also does not say anything about the reason for such an act.


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