The wife accidentally looked into her husband’s phone and learned the shocking truth about him

(ORDO NEWS) — Maria Guillen Garcia met her future husband on the estate of Tom McCabe back in 2009. At that time, they regularly attended a special lonely hearts club. 

Less than a year later, the young people decided to legalize their relationship, but just before the ceremony, the groom disappeared into some unknown place.

Reported by The Sun.

Maria decided that in this way Tom decided to leave, but he did not have the courage to say about it. When the girl was about to leave the hall, her fiance suddenly burst in, shouting that he just wanted to bring her a bouquet of flowers. And only after seven whole years, Maria learned the truth. It turned out that on that day she was his second wife.

When the couple first met, Tom said that he never had a family, he has no children. In fact, his wife’s name was Bridget O’Connell, and his daughter was already 23 years old. 

The whole truth surfaced quite by accident. Maria was repairing her husband’s phone and noticed a photo with another family. The woman did not like this and she immediately found the stranger on social networks.

After Maria learned the truth, she realized that Tom had only used her for money all these years. She regularly paid for his purchases and this caused quite large debts, which reached 21 thousand pounds. Maria immediately annulled her marriage to Tom and also accused him of fraud.

Today, a woman is already happy with another man and soon they are planning to get married. The same, in turn, is awaiting a court decision regarding his bigamy case. Presumably, he could go to jail for about seven years.


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