The way to destroy coronavirus in 25 seconds

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at Boston University‚Äôs National Laboratory of Infectious Diseases said coronavirus can be completely eliminated by distant ultraviolet radiation, reported by the Biospace portal.

A group of scientists led by a microbiologist Anthony Griffiths conducted an experiment in which they treated SARS-CoV-2 virus-contaminated material with various doses of ultraviolet radiation and evaluated the rate of pathogen destruction.

It turned out that at a dosage of 5 mJ / cm2, the spread of the virus decreased by 99 percent in six seconds. When exposed to 22 mJ / cm2, the virus was completely destroyed in 25 seconds.

According to researchers, an energy-saving lamp with a power of 13 watts is able to clean a 15-square-meter room from coronavirus particles.

Scientists noted that ultraviolet radiation has been used as a bactericidal agent for 40 years and during this time not one of the hundreds of viruses tested could survive this exposure. However, radiation is dangerous to humans.

The scientists promised the results and methodology of the experiment in one of the peer-reviewed journals.


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