The villa was discovered where Hitler underwent plastic surgery

(ORDO NEWS) — The creators of the series “Secrets of the Nazi Base” talked with Pedro Fumero, the owner of a very mysterious villa on the island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands). It was established that it was in this villa that Hitler underwent plastic surgery in order to end the persecution.

The building is called Casa Winter. It is known that the plastic was made not only to the Fuhrer, but also to other Nazis from his team. The look of the villa is quite gloomy, inside there are white rooms with tiled decoration. They clearly contained surgical equipment.

You might think that the white rooms could be a bathroom or a toilet, but such an interior is not typical for Spain. It was in the villa, according to rumors, that Martin Bormann, Joseph Mengele and Hitler were hiding. Their final destination was South America.

For decades, it was believed that Hitler committed suicide, but the reality may be different. Interestingly, a tunnel runs along the villa. Why he was needed is hard to say. The journalists also found a bunker, jail cells, an autopsy table and ovens in the room, reminiscent of those in crematoria.

The walls of the villa are suspiciously thick – 1.5 m. Gustav Winter, the engineer who built the building, denied all the rumors. What actually happened at the villa is unlikely to be found out.


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