The video caught a skinny aggressive monster jumping out of the grass

(ORDO NEWS) — A video appeared on the TikTok social network, which many consider fake. The video shows a strange creature in the middle of a field. The post received six million views.

The short and hazy video was posted by @itz_louisvuitton. It spreads quickly enough across the network: there are already 25 thousand reposts and 30 thousand comments. The video was filmed by two men from the village who were driving a car. They were looking for a goat, dog or other animal, but stumbled upon something completely mysterious.

A gray creature with a slender body and long limbs jumped out of the grass. Something screamed and screamed, it aggressively rushed at people. It is not known how the skirmish ended, as the video ended at this point.

Many users decided that the video was staged. Perhaps the craftsmen mounted it on a computer. There were also people who noted the similarity of the creature with the skinwalker – a werewolf from the legends of the Navajo Indians.

Be that as it may, no one was able to catch the authors of the video in a lie in a month, and therefore everyone decides for himself whether or not to believe what he saw.


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