The video captured a UFO that surrounded the ship of the US Navy

(ORDO NEWS) — An authentic video appeared on the Web about how a US Navy ship was surrounded by unidentified flying objects. The reliability of the data was confirmed by a Pentagon spokesman.

The striking footage was published by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. They show flying objects of unknown origin hovering over the warships of America. The video was confirmed by Sue Gough, a spokesman for the Department of Defense.

A very short video was made, apparently, with a night vision device. The unidentified objects were triangular and pyramidal in shape.

The video was made during a combat mission from the destroyer USS Russell. The military was never able to identify the ships, so there is every reason to assume that aliens have visited Earth.

The video was filmed in July 2019. The objects were originally described as drones, but no confirmation of this could be found. For obvious reasons, the Ministry of Defense does not discuss the specifics of the incident, as well as the details of checks carried out after the discovery of objects.

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